To facilitate the long term planning of Multiple District 13 and the Ohio Lions through cooperative efforts on behalf of the Council of Governors in the areas of financial management and strategic planning.

Committee Members

OH1: PDG Judy Smith

OH2: Lion Mike Kelley

OH3: PDG Randy Goff

OH4: PDG Tony DeLuke *

OH5: PDG David Luttrell

OH6: PCC Don Robinette

OH7: PDG Rick Tipple


Ex-Officio Members

ID Ron Keller

PID Steven Sherer

PID Jerry Smith

PID Steve Thornton

Liaisons Committee Chair
PDG Earl Strawn

CC David Stockum

IPCC Kevin Reidy

MDS PDG Deborah Luttrell

MDT PCC Jay Gray

Asst MDT PDG Rob Murry


Governor Liaisons: DG Mike Kerek

* State Committee Chair
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