USA Canada forumMD13 Lions,

The USA/Canada Forum took place in Reno, Nevada on September 21-23. MD13 was well represented. The Forum is an excellent opportunity to add to one’s Lions knowledge offering over 80 different sessions of which attendees can choose eight. I got quite a few good ideas from the sessions. One was we should use the word learn instead of fail when things do not go quite the way we want them to go. Another idea was that when inducting new members we might add the phrase, “as a new member, you are empowered to bring in another new member!” A third idea for Lion leaders to consider is that current leaders are often overworked, holding two or more positions of leadership, and working to make informal leaders into formal leaders is worthwhile.

When discussing facilitating activities, one should not forget to listen carefully to one’s community, one’s club members, and one’s district leaders. A marketing idea suggests sending cards to community safety personnel, teachers and other leaders thanking them for their leadership. DG Sara Camacho and CC Dave Stockum were awarded Masters Degrees from Lions University for their advanced training, and Lion Tamara Parker-Stephens earned a Doctorate Degree.

Among the many social opportunities Reno had to offer, some great socializing took place among the Lions from all over North America. Meals were shared by Lions from different areas, reunions with Lion friends from outside Ohio, and just general gatherings in the Casino environment provided a lot of social interaction. Two excellent breakfast gatherings brought Lions together. The Midwest Breakfast hosted over 300 Lions, including 23 from Ohio. The Spouses Breakfast, at which DG’s Sara Camacho, Deb Crawford, Becky Thornton, and Julianne Zody, along with Lion Gary Holloway, PDG Rick Houser and PCC Betty Robbins, gave the attendees an opportunity to converse with the spouses of International officers who are scheduled to come to their District Conventions. This breakfast is sponsored by the Liaison Committee and International Family of MD13. Reno was fun, and Louisville, the site of the 2024 USA/Canada Forum promises to be just as exciting and more accessible to Ohio Lions. PID Steve Sherer is the General Chairman of the 2024 Forum. Additional information on the Forum can be found by searching USA/Canada Forum on the internet.

Just a reminder that October is the month in which we are focusing on service in Ohio. Also, membership is always a focus. Congratulations to OH5 which has chartered a new club in Marion. Our MD13 goal is to charter 8 new clubs! Best wishes in the coming months of Fall. It’s a good time to be active in our communities.

CC Dave Stockum