Senate Bill 9 has passed the Ohio 134th General Assembly as it relates to the Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.58, reference Title 43 Liquor Laws and Chapter 4301 Liquor Control Law.

This Ohio Revised Code relates directly to the matter of Liquor Permits and the authorization and issuance of these Liquor permits.

The effective date of this law is June 8, 2022.

In brief summary of this Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.58.

It specifically prohibits nonprofit charitable organizations that conduct fundraising activities (raffles, silent auctions or door prizes) and include beer or intoxicating liquor as part of the prize, unless a receipt can be provided affirming that the beer or intoxicating liquor donation was purchased in an agency store in Ohio.

Please take the opportunity to review the attached Ohio Revised Code Section 4301.58 in detail.

Thank you very much.

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