Who - MD13 PDG Association

What - PDG Raffle

When - NOW! Tickets will be on sale until the drawing at the state convention next May.

Details - Each ticket costs $5.00. Only 1,000 tickets were printed. Tickets are now available from your District coordinator. They will each have 100 tickets to distribute to any willing salesperson. There are 5 winning tickets to be drawn — $750, $500, $250, $100, and $50.

District coordinators are:

OH1 - PCC Darlene Roll
OH2 - PDG Francis Hensel
OH3 - PDG Rob Murry
OH4 - PDG John Woodside
OH5 - PDG Sheryl Schlater (with DG Joe Jackson and PDG Mike Kerek helping)
OH6 - PDG Norman Cupps
OH7 - PDG Sue Diehm

Our profit will go to the Ohio Lions W.R. "Dick" Bryan Diabetes Fund. This year, let’s sell all the tickets! We are hopeful that because we are distributing tickets early and diabetes is a disease that affects so many that we really can sell all 1,000 tickets.