Who - Jackson Township Lions Club, OH-4

What - Jackson Township Lions Reverse Raffle

When - Tickets sold NOW through October. Drawings held Thursday, November 4th and Saturday, November 13th — Please see drawing Details below!!

Where - Drawing to be held by Zoom

Details - Raffle tickets are $75.00 each. At least $5,000.00 in cash prizes and gift cards! Seven (7) winners are guaranteed if at least 100 tickets are sold. No more than 200 tickets will be sold.

On Thursday, November 4th, all sold tickets will be entered into the semi-final drawing at a Jackson Township Lions meeting. Each ticket holder will be represented at this first drawing by his/her seller. After all tickets sold are thoroughly mixed, twenty-five (25) tickets will be randomly drawn by an independent observer. These 25 ticket holders are potential cash winners and will be notified by phone or email by their sellers, as well as being listed by their ticket number on our Lion’s website, www.jacksontownshiplions.org.

On Saturday, November 13th, the 25 tickets randomly drawn on Thursday, November 4th will be entered in a Reverse Raffle Drawing held via Zoom. All finalists with an email address will be invited to observe this drawing. Tickets will be drawn randomly, one at a time and eliminated from contention until only seven (7) remain. Payouts will be awarded to those seven ticket holders in the following order:

1st     $200.00
2nd    $300.00
3rd     $400.00
4th     $500.00
5th     $600.00
6th     $1,000.00
7th     $1,500.00

Each winner will be notified and listed by their ticket number on our website. Maximum payout is dependent upon at least 100 tickets sold. If fewer than 100 are sold, the highest payout becomes $600.00 with five (5) winners.

Each ticket purchased will also receive at least one entry into a Gift Card Drawing. The more Reverse Raffle tickets purchased, the more entries in the Gift Card Drawing. Entries in the Gift Card Drawing will be awarded as follows:

1 Reverse Raffle ticket = 1 Gift Card Drawing entry
2 Reverse Raffle tickets = 4 Gift Card Drawing entries
3 Reverse Raffle tickets = 6 Gift Card Drawing entries
4 Reverse Raffle tickets = 8 Gift Card Drawing entries

The Gift Card Drawing will be held on Thursday, November 4th.

Contact - You may purchase tickets from any Jackson Township Lion, or through our website at https://jacksontownshiplions.org/reverse-raffle