The Lions ALERT Committee’s primary goals are outreach and communication to communities and Lions Clubs on how to prepare for the possibility of a disaster or other severe event. A secondary goal is to assist in relief support as Lion resources are available and willing. In addition, all districts are encouraged to apply for LCIF Lion’s ALERT grants yearly. Another secondary goal is that this committee’s members would assist in coordinating any Multiple District or District Lion ALERT grants.

Committee Members

OH1: PDG Craig Gauger

OH2: James "JJ" Bittinger

OH3: William Snyder

OH4: Andy Dzuracky

OH5: PDG Jackie Miller

OH6: IPDG Ric Houser *

OH7: Shawn Carter

FEMA County Advisor
Jeff Walker

Governor Liaison: DG Chase Winegar

* State Committee Chair
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.