It's easy to get confused or overwhelmed by the use of acronyms and abbreviations, especially when you factor in texting and social media.  To help alleviate this problem and bring some clarity to our lives I'm attempting to document some of the more common abbreviations.  And although I do not have the time or expertise to include all the abbreviation used in our lives today, I thought it would be appropriate to concentrate on the ones that are related to Ohio Lions.

PDG Jay Deutschman
Ohio Lions Webmaster

Abbreviations Commonly used by Ohio Lions


BCF - Betty Coffey Fellowship

CA - Constitutional Area

LCI has eight (8) constitutional areas which are often listed as CA 1-8; or CA I, CA II, CA III, CA IV, CA V, CA VI, CA VII and CA VIII.  Ohio is part of Constitutional Area 1.

CBL - Constitution and By-Laws

Also commonly abbreviated as C&BL.

CC - Council Chairperson

CCE - Council Chairperson Elect

Newly elected CC's are classified as "elected" until their official term starts.

CEA - Club Excellence Award

CEP - Club Excellence Program

COG - Council of Governors

CS - Cabinet Secretary

CT - Cabinet Treasurer

CST - Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer

For the case where the same person is both Cabinet Secretary and Cabinet Treasurer.

DDG - Deputy District Governor

(obsolete) Previous name for Vice District Governor.  There was a Senior and Junior DDG.

DG - District Governor

DGE - District Governor Elect

Newly elected DG's are classified as "elected" until their official term starts.

FVDG - First Vice District Governor

Also abbreviated as 1VDG.  See SVDG.

FP - Finance and Planning

A standing committee for Ohio Lions MD13.  Also abbreviated as F&P.

GAT - Global Action Team

GLT - Global Leadership Team

GMA - Global Membership Approach

GMT - Global Membership Team

GST - Global Service Team


ID - International Director

IP - International President

IPCC - Immediate Past Council Chair

IPDG - Immediate Past District Governor

IPID - Immediate Past International Director

IPIP - Immediate Past International President

IFVP - International First Vice President

ISVP - International Second Vice President

ITVP - International Third Vice President

IVP - International Vice President

There are three (3) International Vice Presidents.  See IFVP, ISVP and ITVP.

JDDG - Junior Deputy District Governor

(obsolete) Previous name for the 2nd VDG.  See SDDG.

JTCF - James T. Coffey Fellowship

LCI - Lions Clubs International

LCIF - Lions Clubs International Foundation

LERC - Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center

LEHP - The Lions Eye Health Program

LITPC - Lions International Trading Pin Club

MC - Marketing & Communications

Also abbreviated as M&C.

MD - Multiple District

Ohio is Multiple District 13 or MD13.

MDS - Multiple District Secretary

MDT - Multiple District Treasurer

MDST - Multiple District Secretary/Treasurer

For the case where the same person is both MD Secretary and MD Treasurer.

MERL - Membership, Extension, Retention and Leadership

(obsolete) The MERL Team was a predecessor to the current GLT and GMT.

MJF - Melvin Jones Fellowship

MMR - Monthly Membership Reports

(obsolete) The printed reports (using 5-part hardcopy forms) once used to report club membership activity to LCI.  See WMMR.

NAMI - North America Membership Initiative

NAMI is being replace with the Global Membership Approach (GMA)


OH1 - District 13 OH1

OH2 - District 13 OH2

OH3 - District 13 OH3

OH4 - District 13 OH4

OH5 - District 13 OH5

OH6 - District 13 OH6

OH7 - District 13 OH7

OLF - Ohio Lions Foundation

OLERF - Ohio Lions Eye Research Foundation

OLPCF - Ohio Lions Pediatric Cancer Foundation

OLPTC - Ohio Lions Pin Traders Club

OLSHF - Ohio Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation

OSSB - Ohio State School for the Blind

PCC - Past Council Chairperson

PDG - Past District Governor

PDGA - Past District Governor Association

PID - Past International Director

PIP - Past International President

PMJF - Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship

PRAM - Public Relations and Marketing

(obsolete) Previous name for the Marketing & Communications committee.

RC - Region Chairperson

RLLI - Regional Lions Leadership Institute

SDDG - Senior Deputy District Governor

(obsolete) Previous name for the 1st VDG.  See JDDG.

SEA - State Executive Administrator

(obsolete) Previous name for the MDST.  We currently have a MDS and a MDT in place of a MDST.

SH - Sight & Hearing

Also abbreviated as S&H.

SVDG - Second Vice District Governor

Also abbreviated as 2VDG.  See FVDG.

SVOSH - Student Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity

VCC - Vice Council Chairperson

VCCE - Vice Council Chairperson Elect

Newly elected VCC's are classified as "elected" until their official term starts.

VDG - Vice District Governor

Each district in Ohio has two (2) Vice District Governors, a First and Second VDG.  See FVDG and SVDG.

VDGE - Vice District Governor Elect

Newly elected VDG's are classified as "elected" until their official term starts.

VOSH - Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity

WMMR - Web-based Monthly Membership Reporting

(obsolete) First attempt at online club membership reporting.  Early versions were problematic and not well accepted.  It is the predecessor of the MyLCI site used today.

WRDBF - W. R. "Dick" Bryan Fellowship

ZC - Zone Chairperson

If you have any abbreviations you would like to see added to the list, please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..