Finance & Planning

Finance & Planning News

The purpose of the Finance & Long Range Planning Committee (F&P) is to facilitate the long term planning of Multiple District 13 and the Ohio Lions through cooperative efforts on behalf of the Council of Governors in the areas of financial management and strategic planning.

In an effort to keep everyone informed about the actions of the F&P we are publishing a monthly newsletter from PDG Dave Luttrell who is the current committee chair.

OH Plates

It is now possible to customize your Ohio License plate with the Lions Club logo.  Be a proud Ohio Lion and show your support by ordering yours today!

Seven more orders are needed by September 25, 2019!

tax with black keyboardRegistering with the Ohio Attorney General

Every Lions Club in Ohio must register itself with the Ohio Attorney General. This is mandatory of all clubs regardless of their gross revenue.

It is extremely important that all clubs complete this registration process by going on-line to:

Additional tax and legal information is available on the Resources & Links page.