You’ve read several articles about dues and prepping for an increase. Right now the increase would just “stay the course”. Do we want to change things? What are your thoughts?

Just to start priming the pump, I’ll offer some of my thoughts.

  1. Branding. The Red Cross has ads. United Way has ads. Everyone! it seems has ads. Yet we in Ohio have no Lion ads. We Lions are not visible.
  2. What does a Safety Officer for a Lions Club do? What does an LCIF club officer do? How do we get better with MyLion? We as Ohio Lions have many more needs for training that is not being addressed.
  3. We need a symbol. Many years ago, I had a business trip to San Diego. I’m walking down the street and I see a 10+ story building that said “Lions …”. It turns out that the Lions have a retirement facility in San Diego! Unfortunately, I never got to visit. But it is a symbol! Why don’t we think big?
  4. Could we consider training for returning Lion officers? I personally have been President for 10 terms. I personally have been Secretary for I think almost 20 years. Can we develop training for these seasoned Lions to make them better?
  5. We need more Lions to attend the state convention. It is not healthy for a few delegates to represent the choices of the Lions Clubs in Ohio. Can we reduce the costs for the state convention?

I am sure some of these ideas have some merit. What are your ideas? How do we get Ohio Lions to thrive? Thriving Ohio Lions will attract new people to serve!

Lion Dave Luttrell (Hilliard)
2019-2020 Chair Finance and Long Range Planning Committee

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PS. Comments in this note are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the thinking of the F&P Committee or any other Lion.