There is going to be a dues increase on the state convention ballot. It won’t be in May 2020, but it is coming in a year or so. Why, you ask?

Last time we discussed inflation as an issue. Another issue is the number of Lions in Ohio. In 1992 we had 20121 Lions. In February 2019, we had 11254. Our state dues are $12.16 per year. With our current Lions, we have about $137,000 in funding. With 1992 member levels we would have about $245,000 in funding. Since there are very few MD13 expenses that relate “per member”, we could fund many more services without any dues increase!

Just for a calculation, if we changed our dues to give us the same amount of dollars that 20121 Lions would generate, our dues would go from $12.16 to $21.74. 

Yet we are at 11,254 in membership. With fewer members we need higher dues just to keep things running.  Regardless whatever dues increase is finally proposed it will be less than $21.74.

Lion Dave Luttrell (Hilliard)
2019-2020 Chair Finance and Long Range Planning Committee

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