The Multiple District 13 Finance and Long-Range Planning Committee (F&P) met in October and proposed actions at the November Council of Governors (COG) meeting. The seven Governors and the Council Chair heard and voted on several F&P activities. I wanted to highlight a few of these items.

F&P solicited proposals from 9 auditing firms that were recommended by Lions in Ohio. We received 2 proposals. F&P recommended, and the COG approved Alan Portnoy, CPA to do our filings and every-other-year audits through 2022.

F&P recommended, and the COG approved the 1st quarter financial statements prepared by the Multiple District Treasurer PCC Jay Gray and the Assistant Multiple District Treasurer PDG Rob Murry.  

F&P has been reviewing options to reduce costs for the state convention both short-term, and longer-term. Since meal costs typically consume almost 100% of the registration cots, it is very difficult to run a convention on $1 or $2 an attendee. We are continuing to work with the State Convention Committee and the COG on ideas. One interim step is that F&P has requested that the Constitution and Bylaws Committee put a proposal on the May 2020 ballot to allow dues money to be allocated to MD13 Events. <Finding some dues money for this is going to be a challenge>.

F&P members and Building Trustee members are going to look at a concept of a tax-exempt building authority for MD13 in a manner similar to the Millersport Corn Festival building authority. A wild guess estimate is that this will take 12-18 months just to be able to say if the idea is viable.

Lions, I understand that this information is boring. It is also critical that it be done to keep the Ohio Lions in compliance with US laws and to protect and fund our programs. Any comments would be appreciated


Lion Dave Luttrell (Hilliard)
2019-2020 Chair Finance and Long Range Planning Committee

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PS. Comments in this note are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily represent the thinking of the F&P Committee or any other Lion.