There is going to be a dues increase on the state convention ballot. It won’t be in May 2020, but it is coming in a year or so. Why, you ask?

There are several reasons, and in this article and future articles we can explore these reasons and the impacts they have on Ohio Lions. This month, we are going to talk about the effects of inflation.

In 1982, dues paid per member to support MD13 operations was $9.16. To have the same buying power of that $9.16 from 1982, the dues would need to be $23.99 per member per year. Since the current state dues are $12.16 inflation has significantly impacted our funding.

The reason the Ohio Lions have not gone under is that we have cut expenses. We have cut services. Then we have cut some more.

We will explore our situation further in future months. Regardless whatever dues increase is finally proposed it will be less than $23.99; inflation is still winning!

Lion Dave Luttrell (Hilliard)
2019-2020 Chair Finance and Long Range Planning Committee


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