If you do not happen to know me, I want to introduce myself to you. You probably know my wife Multiple District Secretary Debbie. Past District Governor (PDG) Debbie and I as well as one of our three children are Lions. I have been a Lion for 31 years in the Hilliard Lions Club. I’m also a PDG and I’m currently the Chair of the state Finance and Long Range Planning Committee.

This is the first of several articles that I will be writing about the status of Lions in Ohio, our potential future, and what we Lions in Ohio have as issues. Most of these topics are not new to you; but they are not going away unless we change our course or take actions to manage them.  They include inflation, membership numbers, diversity, American culture, and marketing, among others. You and I cannot manage inflation or American culture, but we do have lots of options.   I hope that that I can also share why I became a Lion (and am still a Lion 31 years later) in future notes.

So, to finish my introduction, I joined in October 1988 and shortly was on the board of directors, a month later became Treasurer, and did that for many years. I recruited many folks to be Lions (not enough!) but no one recently. I’ve been Secretary 20+ years, and I’ve been President 10 terms. I’ve also been the state Chair of International Relations, F&P, Winter Retreat, and Constitution and Bylaws. All of these have been for multiple terms. I’m serving and I’m having lots of fun doing this!
In future notes from me I hope to talk about membership, inflation, and other topics to make sure Ohio Lions are strong.  Let’s talk!

Lion PDG Dave Luttrell (Hilliard)
2019-2020 Chair Finance and Long Range Planning Committee