What does the state committee Finance and Long Range Planning do?

The Ohio Lions Finance and Long Range Planning Committee (F&P) is a large committee of 17 members. There are 7 elected district reps who are the voting members and there are an additional 10 non-voting ex-officio Lions. Just as a reminder, “ex-officio” means “by virtue of office” which means merely that whoever is the Council Chair, Chair of the Liaison Committee, and others by their position are included.

The Planning part of F&P looks at areas where we Lions can next serve, future concerns for Ohio Lions, growing Lion Clubs and new Lions Clubs, and the future opportunities that we Lions should explore. And yes, sometimes, this means looking at redistricting.

The Finance part of F&P looks at financial trends, where our dues money is going, where it should in the future, and making sure the Ohio Lions have enough money to do its mission. And yes, sometimes this means a dues increase.

The administrative part of F&P includes audits, contracts, recommending approval of financial documents, and regulations that we need to meet. Of course, with all this paperwork, there are still opportunities to explore.

The F&P committee has a strong presence to suggest and recommend changes to the Council of Governors. One of the strengths of F&P is that 4-7 voting members return each year while all 7 District Governors and the Council Chair change each year. This continuity of year after year is bolstered by the large number of ex-officio members. This allows F&P to look at longer term trends and issues.

Why would you think about running to be a Finance and Long Range Planning Rep? Mainly because you can shape and make a significant difference in where the Lions of Ohio go. How do we best manage money to drive our next set of needs and initiatives? How do we change our dues structure due to changes in our Ohio needs and Lion membership? How do we plan?

We must change. We must adapt. Lions on the Finance and Long Range Planning Committee get to influence these changes. This is why I choose to be on the Finance and Long Range Planning Committee. If you have an interest in getting involved, talk to me or the incoming Vice Governors. We are always looking for someone to grow the cause.

Yours in Service,

Lion PDG David Luttrell
District 13 OH5 rep (elections Spring June 2021)
F&P Chair 2019-2020