Governor Clark Van Scyoc & Lion Miriam
8483 Coran Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45255
H: (513) 474-0288
C: (513) 290-2294

DG Clark Van Scyoc has served 13 years as Zone Chairman, twice as Cabinet Sec./Treas., 1st VG, 2nd VG, Governor in 2000-01. Club President, Secretary, Board of Directors for several years, served on State/ District Leadership Committee for 7 years (3 as Chairman, 2 as V. Chair), Sector Coordinator for C.S.F.II in Western Ohio from 2005-08, and have had 3 Extension Awards 100% Governorís Award, 100% Secretaryís Award.

He is currently serving on the State District Finance and Planning Committee. He has 3 International Presidentís Certificates of Appreciation, and 2 International Leadership Awards. He has received a Council of Governorís Certificate of Appreciation for services rendered as Leadership Chair and State M.E.R.L. Conference Coordinator. He was on the Columbus USA/CANADA Committee.

His wife, Miriam, has an integral part of our journey with Lionism. She has been active in Lions Leadership role with 5 years as President of the Kenwood Lions Club, District Convention Chairman for a number of years, and Lions/ Lioness Liaison. She has been a USA.CANADA moderator of a number of years. Both are Retired Educators (30 years).

District 13H Officers and Convention Information

1st Vice District Governor 
Roger Dixon (Kay)
4 Forest Park Ct.
 West Carrollton, OH 45449
H: (937) 902-7776

2nd Vice District Governor
Jack Morris (Joan)
 3974 St. Andrews Lane Beavercreek, OH 45430
H: (937) 427-1547

Immediate Past District Governor
 Frank Hacker


Cabinet Secretary
Stella Williams (Lion John)
78 Friendship Circle
Vandalia, OH 45426
H: (937) 890-8684


Cabinet Treasurer
 Ed Puterbaugh
7471 Larissa Ct.
Dayton, OH 45414


Newsletter Editor
PDG John Bond
34 Farmersville Pike
Germantown, Oh 45327


Convention Co-Chairpersons
Miriam VanScyoc
8483 Coran Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45255
H: (513) 474-0288

International Guests
ID Steve Tremaroli


District 13H Convention
April 26-27, 2014
Embassy Suites, Blue Ash


District 13H Zone Chairs & Regions

Zone 1 Region 1
PDG Don Kring
 Eaton, OH 45338
H: (937) 962-4581

Assistant Zone Chair
 PDG Don Zumbrun
  823 Oxford Gettysburg Rd.
 Eaton OH 45320

Camden, Eaton, Lewisburg,
 New Lebanon, Oxford, West Alexandria


Zone 4 Region 1
Lacy Jones (JoAnne)
905 Cedar Hill Dr.
 Cincinnati, OH 45240
H: (513) 742-8945

Blue Ash, Cincinnati-Downtown, Cincinnati Host,
Cincinnati Kenwood, Cincinnati-Western Hills,
Ross, Ross Lioness, Springdale-Forest Park


Zone 2 Region 2
Lydia Houser (Rick)
4791 Blue Spruce Ct.
 Dayton, OH 45424
H: (937) 236-5254

Centerville, Dayton, Mad River,
Northmont, Vandalia,
Vandalia Lioness,  West Carrollton

Zone 5 Region 2
George Rooks (Ruth Ann) 
2571 Williamsburg Bantam Rd.
 Bethel, OH 45106
H: (513) 734-6980

Bethel, Goshen, Mason,
 Monroe,  Northeastern,  Northeastern Leos

Zone 3 Region 2
Tony Dixon
1701 Kathy Ln.
Miamisburg, OH 45342
H: (937) 859-7872

Carlisle, Carlisle Lioness, Germantown,
Madison, Miamisburg, Springboro,
 Trenton, Waynesville



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