The "Ohio District" was formed in 1920 when our first club was chartered in Cleveland and 12 more clubs around the state soon followed.  Also in 1920, the association became International with the addition of a club in Canada.

In 1922 Lions International re-districted the entire country and numbered them in the order they joined. In the process Ohio became known as "District 13".

Later, as membership grew and more clubs were formed it became necessary to divide the state into two districts and in 1933 Ohio became "Multiple District 13", or MD13.

Click on the tabs below to see how MD13 has been divided into districts through the years.

A more complete timeline of the history of Lions in Ohio was compiled by PDG Bill Keller during his tenure as webmaster and is available on the Our History link.  This content is still being updated, so if you have something to contribute, please let me know or contact PDG Bill Keller directly.