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OH4 - District Governor

DG Michael Tyler 
& Lion Angie




DG Michael Tyler

Lion Mike joined the Willoughby Evening Lions Club in 1995. Since joining he has held club positions of Tail Twister, Lion Tamer, Director, Club President 1998-1999, and Club Secretary for 13 years. Lion Mike was appointed by his club to the Board of Directors for the Lions Eye Program, Inc. at St. Vincent’s Charity Medical Center and served as District Tail Twister, Lion Tamer, and Cabinet Secretary.

Lion Mike has served on many District Committees including Zone Chairperson, District Good Program Chair, LCIF Chairperson, Youth Chairperson, and District Retention Chairperson. Lion Mike received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation in 2004-2005 and is a Melvin Jones Fellow.

He is a graduate of Myers University with an MBA in Business Administration. Lion Mike served for two years on the City of Willoughby Hills Planning and Zoning Commission, and a member of the Architectural Board of Review.

Lion Mike is a professional musician who has performed with many well-known artists. Lion Mike has been married to Lion Angie for over 28 years and resides in Willoughby Hills, OH with their dog Bella and two grown children, Cassie and Lauren.

District Officers

OH4 District Officers

DG Michael Tyler (Lion Angie)

1VDG Tony DeLuke

2VDG Carol Snyder (PDG Jeff)

CS PDG Jim Ferritto (Cindy)

CT PCC Paul Metrovich (Lion Linda)

IPDG Wayne Christen (Lion Janet)

Newsletter Editor

Lion William Keltner 

Convention Chair

PDG Ron Clifton

Clubs, Zones, Regions

OH4 - Clubs, Zones & Regions

Region 1

Region Chair Tony Deluke

Zone 1

ZC Jeff Reech

Zone 2

ZC Kathleen Ray

Zone 3

ZC IPCC Betty Robbins

Zone 4

ZC Lynne McDermott

Zone 5

ZC Jill Reitz

Zone 6

ZC Jerry Langley

Region 2

Zone 7

ZC Judy Young (Lion Paul)

Zone 8

ZC Haven Ackley (Lion Ed)

Zone 9

ZC William Keltner

Zone 10

ZC Bill Humphrey (Sandy)

Zone 11

ZC Jim Landfried

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District Convention

OH4 District Convention

March 15-17, 2019
McKinley Grand Hotel
Canton, Ohio

International Guest:  ID Mark Lyon

Convention Materials: